February 2014

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Welcome. I love to paint and would like to share my paintings with you. Most days I will try to create and place a new painting here. To purchase click the link, for this small piece, Ebay bidding starts at $100. The value of this work of art is $550.00 USD. As my gift to you, for the 7 days of the auction this piece is in from the day it is created, you may start bidding at $100 (before the price becomes $550.00, if the piece survives the auction.) This is my way of saying thank you for enjoying my work and keeping me creating new pieces almost everyday. Your interest stimulates and inspires me and has made me a better painter for it. Sign up for my emails and I will send you an image of my daily painting every time I do a new one.

"Blue Tashmoo"

“Blue Tashmoo”

“Blue Tashmoo”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel.This painting has SOLD.

I can’t say that I have been enjoying all the snow we’ve had recently. However, I did like this snow in the early morning hours. Nature seemed to be trying out every shade of blue to see which fit in correctly…

"Iced Out"

“Iced Out”

“Iced Out”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $550.00 USD

I really wanted to paint a snow scene, but the sun was leaving fast. Driving out to a nearby favorite sunset place, I found many of the oystermens’ boats frozen into the pond’s ice field. I became involved and jumped out of the car onto the snowy shore and photographed the play between the light and shadows of this boat. I was resigned to using just my camera, as it was cold at 21º with a slight breeze and minutes before the sun would set. But, the pent up urge of not painting for too many days overtook me. Grabbing my gear I raced to the edge of the snow/water/ice and dashed this piece off until the sun had set. Concentration took over my common sense and, even with gloves on, my fingers got so numb that I could not open the clip on my board to put away my paper towels. With the warm car right there, I didn’t bother, and put stuff away hellter skelter, grateful to still be able to open the door handle and jump inside…