"Thaw at Work"

What I am doing here:
I put all my 6″ x 8″ little paintings onto eBay at a $100 beginning bid for 7 days, as my gift to the world, hoping they will get bid up to somewhere near what I get from a gallery sale. Sometimes they do, but most times I have created a very happy collector at or near $100. After 7 days, if a piece has not sold, it goes to my normal (2004) gallery price of $500.00, which, adjusted for time and inflation, should be $750.00 in 2010 dollars . So the only way to attempt to purchase a $100 painting is to either be on my mailing list, or check eBay everyday. I try to paint one each day, but generally only do 5 out of 7 days per week. Even selling all 5 each week at $100 each, I am not making ends meet. So my prices have to go back to gallery pricing to keep me going or I might as well go find a real job…

I enjoy painting out in the landscape. Once back in the studio, I often create larger oils from these outdoor landscapes. “Whenever possible, I work en plein air, out in the countryside. I paint that special view that speaks to me. Who knows, it may no longer exist after the next house is built.”


I have been exhibiting my paintings in galleries all over Martha’s Vineyard and the Northeast since 1974 as a watercolorist. In 1996 I switched to painting oils. After more than 30 years of living on Martha’s Vineyard Island, in 2005 I moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. I divided my time between Texas in the winter months and Martha’s Vineyard in the Summer and Fall. Since then I have moved back to Martha’s Vineyard…


Besides working on landscapes outside and finishing in my studio, I paint still lifes of everyday objects. “Still life is fun to work with, as nothing much moves or blows in the wind. You may leave and return to it later. Usually the scene is exactly as you left it, ready to paint and to discover the details which make it special.”


My “New Paintings”, mostly 6″ x 8″, which I post on my home page here and put on eBay are painted on panels that are 1/8th inch hardboard with triple primed polyflax and cotton canvas. This smooth canvas is uniformly adhered with a pH neutral adhesive. It has a Melamine impregnated backing which balances the panel to resist warping and also creates a permanent barrier against moisture and mold. It is 100% archival and museum quality. My oil paints are also of the highest quality and archival. Paintings are sold unframed, although framing is available upon request. My spam safe email is ” thaw(at)thawmalinart(dot)com “, [you replace the ” (at) ” with ” @ “, “(dot)” with “.”]

  1. Noreen’s avatar

    Hi Thaw,

    I just saw the “Hot and Not” painting. It looks absolutely perfect. I love it’s incredible reality and its fun side. It is really quite beautiful.


  2. Steve’s avatar

    Dear Thaw,
    Saw your paintings via the article in Art Calendar. Wonderful stuff. I am beginning a new body of work and curious about the small panels you use. Do you mount them yoursef or do you have a source for purchasing them? By the way-how do you like DailyPainters

    Thanks and good luck.

  3. Steve’s avatar

    Thaw, sorry, I pushed send before finishing my last email. . . I’ve just discovered Daily Painters as a result of the article I mentioned but it is very slow to load.


  4. Gordon van Vliet’s avatar

    Hi Thaw,

    Wonderful work and website. Somehow I enjoy your character. The move from Martha’s to Texas is quite a change. How do you like it? I’ll be watching your work. Thanks for sharing it.



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