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Studio Tour · Thaw Malin Art

Studio Tour

Howdy! Today, beginning in the morning of December 19th, is studio tour day for most of the members of the
Daily Painters website. My virtual tour is unrehearsed as I have not had time to do more than half unpack from our trip back to Texas from Martha’s Vineyard last week.

(click on image to enlarge)
studio 1

If you look closely you will find my favorite studio mate at attention. Kitts adopted us when we first moved here. She likes to live under the house when we are away, which is where we found her when we first moved in. But when home, I let her rule the studio, enjoy the warmth and have special dining priviledges. In return, house, studio, garage and yard are mouse and snake free. She’s our hero!

(click on image to enlarge)
studio 2 kitts

This is where my small paintings dry and are stored along with extra paints and blank painting panels.

(click on image to enlarge)
studio 3

The old bunk house kitchen is now the shipping and cleaning headquarters.

(click on image to enlarge)
studio 4

Here is Kitts’ favorite corner of the studio. It is complete with pillows and warmth with two south facing windows to look out at the cattle and the barn when needed. Also, it is the purrrfect spot to keep a close watch on me as I fling paint about the place.

(click on image to enlarge)
studio 5

Well, that’s the tour at our studio. Check out some of the other, possibly 125 other, studios at Daily Painters website. Hope you enjoyed the visit! I’ll be back to Texas subject matter and/or still lifes for tomorrow’s posting. Adios! -Thaw


  1. liza hirst’s avatar

    Your studio is wonderful! Lovely atmosphere – and I can’t believe how tidy you are!

  2. jeanne illenye’s avatar

    Your studio is fantastic!! What a huge space to create those beautiful, large florals! I see Kitty is very happy there, too! We all seem to have a kitty or two laying about our studios. (In fact, one of mine lays right on my arm, which makes painting challenging at times.) Looks like you’ve been settled into this space for quite some time as it’s really streamlined and organized. Thanks for the great tour!

  3. jacqui faye’s avatar

    Thaw, thanks for ‘dropping by’ my studio. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed touring everyone’s setup and borrowing ideas for my new space once the house is put back together again. Love your studio. I’d give my eye teeth for a bunk house, as would my four studio mates….of the canine persuasion that is. Your photos offer some great solutions.

    I sure appreciate your paintings ….. when I get homesick, I stroll through your Texas landscapes. Happy painting!

  4. wesley’s avatar

    hello i am one of LG lemons students wesley i love youre art you are wonderful.


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