“The Queen Rose”

“The Queen Rose”

“The Queen Rose”, this is a Large painting, 39.75″x 39.75″ oil on canvas, SOLD

This is one of my large flower series paintings. I usually do 1 or 2 per year… “The Queen Rose” was painted in a straight, direct painting style as opposed to my pointillist style.

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  1. jacqui faye’s avatar

    This painting is stunning — the composition, the color…..its just beautiful!

  2. Delilah’s avatar

    Wow, This is the very best rose I have seen. It looks so delicate I might bruse it just by looking.

  3. rhonda hurwitz’s avatar

    this is fabulous. Great work

  4. housie 69’s avatar

    I agree you can almost smell the fragrance, it is sublime

  5. Beth Gilliam’s avatar

    You know how to capture the beauty of God’s creation. He has blessed you with a wonderful talent.



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