“From Croton Spring Rd.”

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"From Croton Spring Rd."

“From Croton Spring Rd.”, this is a Small painting, 6″x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $750.00 US

After a few days scouting this section of the Park at different times of day, I took a chance that this rough, side road would give me the view I wanted. I actually had a couple see me painting and drive in to watch and photo me working. They then tried to buy this piece just as I had put the first stroke of blue on for the sky. Of course, $20.00 did not impress me… What did though was the bear proof food storage unit just behind me. My ears were on guard duty the whole time I did this painting. At dusk when I got in my van and drove out, I saw my first javelina, or peccary , standing near by. I was glad I was leaving…

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