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"To Croton Spring"

“To Croton Spring”, this is a Small painting, 6″x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $750.00 US

Sometimes, out painting, I can turn around from where I just worked and there is another great scene waiting to be captured on canvas. That was my luck at this spot. While my ears were still on high alert for the rustling sounds of bears or cats, I raced against the dying light to the finish…

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"From Croton Spring Rd."

“From Croton Spring Rd.”, this is a Small painting, 6″x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $750.00 US

After a few days scouting this section of the Park at different times of day, I took a chance that this rough, side road would give me the view I wanted. I actually had a couple see me painting and drive in to watch and photo me working. They then tried to buy this piece just as I had put the first stroke of blue on for the sky. Of course, $20.00 did not impress me… What did though was the bear proof food storage unit just behind me. My ears were on guard duty the whole time I did this painting. At dusk when I got in my van and drove out, I saw my first javelina, or peccary , standing near by. I was glad I was leaving…

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"Dove Road"

“Dove Road”, this is a Small painting, 8″x 6″, oil on canvas panel. $750.00 US

This is down in West Texas, about an hour out of Big Bend National Park in the middle of a 12,000 acre ranch. It is a record of the time of day and the exact place where I discovered I had a flat tire. I was very lucky that I carry a mini air compressor and was able to fill it to get me on my way. No one would have found me where I was. However, I did have to stop at the Border Patrol check point and do a refill to get me back to my hotel room in Alpine… And I awoke many flocks of doves as I drove back out of the ranch after sundown, hence the title…