“Blue Moon”

"Blue Moon"

“Blue Moon”, this is a Small painting, 6″x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

There may be some debate on the name of this moon. The Farmer’s Almanac defines a blue moon as an extra full moon that occurs in a season; one season is normally three full moons. If a season has four full moons, then the third full moon is named a blue moon. So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… However, I was totally unaware of the moon on today’s painting foray. I was in Edgartown when my painter’s alarm roused me. I looked up at clear sky, but saw a cloud bank on the southern horizon and raced off to catch some open sunset sky near the big bridge. I forgot about the 3 heavy construction projects on the Bend in the Road Beach area. Easing my van into a spot, it was immediately dwarfed by a huge mound of sand destined for transport farther down the beach. I jumped out to look as the sun was just entering the cloud bank. Spirits damped by being in the wrong place with no time remaining, I was fumbling for my keys and happened to look up… and smiled. There hung the Blue Moon, just anticipating my brush work! What a show stopper…

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