“Final Bow”

"Final Bow"

“Final Bow”, this is a small painting, 6″x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

I was almost too late for this painting. I set up quickly and painted until I couldn’t see the mosquitos buzzing around my head anymore. It was a still, warm evening and I could hear the flocks of birds as they tried to settle in along the shore trees for the night. At first they sounded like an electric car driving around the sandy corner by me. Almost no noise until they were upon me with a subtle whirring. I was lucky nothing landed on my head or palette…

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  1. Taylor Gear’s avatar

    your paintings remind me a but of maud lewis/ impressionist paintings 🙂
    the colours in this are absolutely gorgeous, I’ll be coming back to see more of your fabulous artwork


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