“Before Fog, Lobsterville”

"Before Fog Lobsterville"

“Before Fog Lobsterville”

“Before Fog, Lobsterville”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

Though it was in the 70’s midday, at the hour I painted this view I regretted having retired my hooded parka for the summer season. It is always 5 or 10 degrees cooler at ocean level in spring. Today was no different and a breeze amplified the coolness. The fog cloud moving in from the ocean side, to the left, kept getting thicker and wider as I worked, but never got to the west of me to block the sunset light. The two Killdeer I saw the last four times I was there were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they had fledged a brood and were busy playing follow the leader among the dunes…

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