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"Hunt and Peck"

“Hunt and Peck”, this is a small painting, 6″x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $550.00 USD

Three of the twelve chickens I have been taking care of for the past two weeks. They are very people friendly and allow me to pick them up, if I wish to. One night I arrived after sundown to put them in their henhouse. Usually they go in without any help as soon as the sun sets. I found the coop door partially closed with three inside. Three huddled in a pile against the wire of the coop near the door. And that was it. The wind must have slammed the door closed with three in place. I got all 6 in but spent 45 minutes with a flashlight before finding 5 in the branches of the blueberry bushes next to the henhouse. Now I was afraid maybe a raccoon had strolled in… I kept circling the henhouse and finally found the last one above my head hidden in the branches of a holly tree. I carefully grabbed hold of her and placed her with the others. Safe and sound. The door now has a rock holding it open during daylight hours. It has been fun observing them and their habits in preparation for this painting…