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"Herring Creek To Menemsha"

“Herring Creek To Menemsha”

“Herring Creek to Menemsha”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. USD $595.00

Time marched toward dusk. I became sidetracked by the sailboat getting underway by the beach around left. The reflection of sail in water was tempting me to paint there, yet the background was far too distant. More sailors jumped in and they were off. I moseyed over to the herring dock above the creek, content to paint the blue motor boat. The sun passed behind a thunderhead. My light was dimmed. I began laying in the shapes and then sky began to glow, and glow, and glow. Suddenly, it seemed, the sails passed by in the background as I glanced up. Joy was had by all…

"Quansoo Opening"

“Quansoo Opening”

“Quansoo Opening”, this is a large painting, 30″ x 40″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

(Please note that this is 30″x 40″, 25 times my normal size!)
Great News!!! …My new studio is now open by appointment. If you find yourself on Martha’s Vineyard and would like to actually see my work in real life, not digital! please call, text or email me and I will be happy to welcome you in. Five Zero Eight – Five Six Zero – Four Four Three Seven
Seven years ago this week, when I first began my Painting-a-Day adventure, I was not looking this far into my creative future. I was just thankful that I could keep making one more painting to place in front of yesterday’s piece. I found that I have learned a great deal about making a painting and what makes a painting great. I have had weeks without a sale and then months where everything I create is sold. I have made many new friends through my paintings. Thank you! I am happy and grateful to all who cannot resist buying or are actively collecting my works and to all who voice their appreciations of an image here or an image there. I know that I spend too much time on most paintings, working into the wee hours to come to completion, but if I’m not satisfied, I’m not sure anyone else would be either. Then there are days when the image comes out in a half hour, done! Magic, but I know I earned it! Other days I return depressed at not finding a thing to put on canvas. The problem with the paintings-a-day is that the process took over my life, but in a good way. Only, it had nudged out extra time for larger works.
Recently, I have given myself permission to take 2 days to work on some paintings, or to not go out at all to capture a new subject. On these days, I have begun to work on larger canvases in my new studio. After rummaging back in time for an image I have done, saved, seen or photoed while out scouting, I have found some which will make great, large paintings. Today’s piece is a celebration for me. This painting is the first large one I have done and finished in almost 5 years. I knew what the image was going to be the moment I saw it out in the field. I went out multiple times to its location to photo it over the past winter/spring and sometimes just to sit, and watch the light play as the sun closed out the day. It burned a hole in my consciousness until I completed it on canvas…

"Deere In The Barn"

“Deere In The Barn”

“Deere In The Barn”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $595.00 USD

How many memories this old barn must contain. Cows, horses, chickens, raccoons, skunks, barn swallows, sparrows, doves, milk, eggs, hay, straw, grain, farmers, children, carts, tractors. The only tractor left seems to be a small John Deere riding mower peering out from the shadows within…

"Solstice Light, Brickyard"

“Solstice Light, Brickyard”

“Solstice Light, Brickyard”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

When I had thought about capturing the light at the end of solstice day, I did not have anything particular in mind. I assumed I would be down on the beach painting. As I rounded the last bend in the path to the Brickyard beach, I just could not ignore the strong sunlight streaming into the cool darkness of the woods. I left my gear right there, but had to walk the extra few steps to the edge of the cliff to assure myself that nothing better awaited me…

"Gay Head, Flip Side"

“Gay Head, Flip Side”

“Gay Head, Flip Side”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

This image has been burning in my mind for a week or more. I went on location and tried to paint it, but it was too windy. I took copious photos as the sun went down. Came back to the studio and studied them all for a few evenings. Went back for a couple more tries. One time it was raining, but sun was under the cloud cover shining as it went down. No painting, then, either. Once more I went up and got a fast wash in on the canvas, but was too windy to do more. Tonight the festering was too much. I put it on the easel. Danced around it. Used those memories of studying, along with the washed in underpainting to pull it all together…

"At The Bend In The Road"

“At The Bend In The Road”

“At The Bend In The Road”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

After yesterday’s painting, I had Rosa Rugosas on my mind. Actually not really on my mind but in my nostrils. To me they are THE smell of summer at the beach. Fishing last night I had to walk through a hedge of them going and coming. Today, as soon as I finished one of my many golf course commissioned paintings, I went hunting for beach roses. I think I excluded 10 or more sandy paths between the little bridge and big bridge before discovering this one. It was delicious standing out with setting sun warming me, no wind and the scent of roses all around as I painted the glistening light off the distant water. I observed a lone boater fishing for blues and was serenaded by 4 Oystercatchers as they flew low overhead from pond to beach loudly discussing dinner as they hovered slowly past…

"Brickyard Cove"

“Brickyard Cove”

“Brickyard Cove”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

An Osprey, who had made its nest on top of the ancient Brickyard chimney, jeered at me as I passed it by on my way to the edge of the cliff. Once snug against the cliff face with my easel up and paints out, the bird quieted down. I became just another tree in the Ospreys’ point of view. I worked until dusk when I took off down the cliff, fishing rod in hand. The water turned out to be full of seaweed near shore, not fun to fish in. The only bite I got was my first of season mosquito on the back of my reeling hand. It was a sure sign, time to leave…

"7pm, Here They Come"

“7pm, Here They Come”

“7pm, Here They Come”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. This painting has SOLD.

I was enjoying the subtle sunset light at Eastville Beach while trying to decide where to go to paint. Well… why go anywhere else! As it was cold and windy, I started work in my van. Still getting use to the time change, I sort of hoped that a ferry might pass into my scene. I was not sure what boat or from which direction it might appear. This is the “Nantucket”, built in 1974. It services the Vineyard in winters and its name sake island in summers. A worthy subject for today’s painting…

"Summer Slips"

“Summer Slips”

“Summer Slips”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $595.00 USD

It was blowy and rainy. Yet, up tight against the Menemsha gas station, I was in my element and not the elements…

"Where Nighthawks Fly"

“Where Nighthawks Fly”

“Where Nighthawks Fly”, this is a small painting, 6″ x 8″, oil on canvas panel. $595.00 USD

At this time of year, standing and observing in one place a few hours in the evenings may be both cold and exciting depending upon weather and location. This eve I was out of the breeze, but bundled in vest, scarf, parka, snow pants and hat with my back against a stonewall with thicket behind. Although I have often come and painted 15 or 20 canvases within 100 feet of here, this view had never caught my eye. Usually I like to set up in front of the large cedar on the left and face the full field to the right where a beautiful, wind-shaped oak tree is silhouetted against pond, dune and sky. About a week ago I did one of those paintings and was serenaded by a Nighthawk as I bundled my gear into the van in near darkness. A friend contacted me from his vacation in Thailand to inquire as to whether it might be a Woodcock I was hearing and not a Common Nighthawk. I love birds and the two most expensive apps on my iPhone are the Audubon Bird Guide and iBird Plus Guide. Both are excellent and also include bird sounds and songs. Having listened to each bird song on both Guides many times, I admit, Roger had stumped me… Woodcock, “peeent” or Nighthawk “peeent”. Just as last time, at 20 minutes after sundown I heard my first “peeent”. I turned my iPhone into a recorder and walked about the field recording ” peeents”. I turned on each bird’s song from the guides and tried to lure “it” in. I lay down on the ground and did it again straining to see one fly over me. I hid behind the cedar then walked down and back the field lane. I could see no bird, but got some great recordings. I am thinking by the rapid movements and changes of location of “peeents” that it might be a Common Nighthawk after all and not a Woodcock, but…

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